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  Telemarketing Service UK

A cost effective solution to cold calling and lead generation, converting prospects into warm leads.
Our telemarketing service professionals can conduct as much of your sales process as you require, whether it be the first step in your new business development cycle (cold calling) or generating leads for you, selling your service or making appointments. Let us take the "cold" out of cold calling and we can help you increase your sales even further. We believe we can help provide a way of producing the best ROI from your sales department.
Quick to get started
We have a team of accomplished UK telemarketing professionals available for new projects. We will select suitable people and you could be briefing them within 24 hours.
No need for you to expand your office infrastructure
As we are virtual staff, there is no need to spend money on a new workstation. We are all fully equipped with suitable equipment to undertake your projects.
No need for complicated employment legislation
We agree a service contract with you, giving you the freedom to start and stop your service when you wish.
What if your Telesales Professional doesn’t perform?
It is quick and easy to change your telemarketing service professional if they aren’t performing to your expectations. We will provide a seamless transition for you.
Easy and flexible billing
It couldn’t be simpler. You buy the hours in advance and we will contact you when your credited hours are running low. There are reductions for larger credited hours bought in advance (ask for details).
Feed-back and reporting
We can work with any reporting system you require, whether it be as a guest via your CRM online, or working from a spreadsheet. Let us know what you need.
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